EXPO 2020

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I’m the Creative Director in Agora, which means I’m responsible for both the strategic thinking and detailed execution behind our work.
Risk in design means trying new things with no guarantees that they will work. Innovation requires experimentation, and risk comes with that process. It’s about building on the things that came before and making things better.

What makes different Agora Stands from other companies?

Agora Stands specialized in building premium quality exhibition stands handling everything from the creativity of ideas through to execution of entire projects, using the finest materials from leading international suppliers in Middle East and Europe. We are constantly striving to do better work, and in that process, it’s allowed us to grow.

What is the role of exhibitions in the market?

An exhibition show is potentially one of the more exciting parts of your marketing calendar – exciting because after developing your identity and brand guidelines you can focus on bringing your company identity off of the printed page or out of the screen. You are going to have to figure out how to bring your brand to life and represent it in a physical environment. Exhibition design is a chance to make that all important first impression of your company to a potential new lead and doing it well can mean the difference between gaining new business or being overlooked.
While all business sectors will be growing drastically from now until the hosting of Expo 2020, trade will get the highest leap among all businesses in the Middle East. UAE theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”