Best Event Ideas & Outstanding Exhibition Stand Designs

Agora has earned a reputation among the Biggest Brands & event tenders for its Best Event Ideas & Outstanding Exhibition Designs. We specialise in custom exhibition stands, provide complete design & build up solutions. Agora event management expertise delivers memorable event & stress free experience from concept to successful completion.

Here is 10 answers why you should choose Agora Events & Exhibitions:

  1. We exaggerate everything about the creativity of ideas and execution of designs.
  2. Agora Events & Exhibitions team meticulously personalized to the very last detail of visual displays - everything is possible!
  3. We always come up with perfect solutions for the challenges of our clients.
  4. We deliver highest quality executions regardless of the size of the events & exhibitions
  5. We offer special services for sponsorship, interpretation, registration, public and crowd management
  6. Agora Events & Exhibitions offers support for CME approvals, conferences, wellness and healthcare programs
  7. We offer 3D design, 80% mockup and 100% delivery of events & exhibitions.
  8. Agora Events & Exhibitions is a team of expertise that work to achieve the highest score to create Wow Factor for event and exhibition solutions.
  9. We use old and experiment new to create innovative experiences that engage the audience through emotions.
  10. The technology solutions used at the heart of each Agora projects - Interactive Walls, Infographics, Motion sensored projectors, Interactive panels, VR solutions to mention a few.


We care for attention to details which has resulted in our successful
projects and long lasting clients across Middle East and Europe.


We are proud to work with some of the greatest companies in UAE and Gulf.